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5+ Years in Crypto Professional Senior UI Developer IRL NFT Space for 2+ years (Actually started as a builder in the VeChain Community with NFTs) Father & Husband Undercover Nerd (Sports & Workout Junkie) Enjoy Bourbon and Craft Beer Experience: Dori Samurai - Co-Founder, Alpha Steady Stack - Outreach Team, B2B Team Taiji Labs - Alpha Lead + Exclusive Caller, Outreach Calling Style So I have a very unique calling style that you'll see. I do the following types of calls: SCALP PLAY LONG TERM PLAY POTENTIAL PLAY DEGEN PLAY SCALP/LONG TERM PLAY ART PLAY Why? So I'm a Data nerd, everything I do in life is backed up by logic and I'm a developer so data drives most of that logic for me. I've come into a very unique position with this by learning how to do very precise NFT TA Calls. So because of that, most of my calls will be momentum plays that have potential to be nice scalps. Now depending on the amount you buy or play, that scalp can be very rewarding (sometimes even just 1 will be nice wins).
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