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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

SPECTRUM’s Analysis on
Spirit Dao Comic Issue #1 Closed Call

Dope Sh*t only.
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min. entry
max. entry
1 Day
hold time
More Risky
call risk level
Potential Profit

why i’m bullish

Currently looking at spirit Dao comics I think it’ll be dumb to fade spirit Dao… current fp is .28 while minting… if I see any dip to below or around .2 I’ll buy in.

It currently has some announced features such as interoperability into pixelmon when the game is live as well as a costume trait for Azuki…

Max supply is 997
Mint price is 0.1

Hasn't fully minted out so may see some fluctuations in price too.

Alpha Call Snapshot

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