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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

SPECTRUM’s Analysis on
Memeland Captainz Closed Call

9,999 PIRATE CAPTAINZ SEARCHING FOR THE LEGENDARY MEMELAND. 9,999 Captainz, with their pirate crewz, explore the Broken Seas in search of the legendary treasure known as “Memeland”. Join them in their quests for glory, fortune, love, and of course… memes.
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why i’m bullish

Captainz by Memeland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Memeland
Amount listed: 244
Current FP: 4.125 ETH

Most people know Memeland and what they are about. With the current NFT economy trades must be done wisely, less trades more profit and Memeland could be the best trade of the year. We are getting closer to reveal with the metadata change today and I dig it. You have different ways to make money here.
I) farm Mapz and get eventual $Meme
II) ride the pumps and trade that way.
III) expect pre reveal pump.
This is definitely a long term play also like months long as long as ETH doesnt implode or NFT's become illegal the R/R is good

Bullish Case:

  • 9GAG a successful Web2 businessman has transitioned into Web3. As opposed to rushing in he came in slowly firstly through his free collection Potatoz (2.2 ETH) Potatoz served as the trials and errors for Captainz especially the staking part

  • Stake to earn Mapz : Mapz has no official utility but it’s rumoured to possess IRL physical goods, land as well as $MEME. 9GAG said he is really inspired by $APE and Yuga’s aim to reward holders. Because of this statement most people believe when $MEME drops it will be a nice bag.The rarer Mapz have been selling for 1 Eth by themselves.

  • Artist/PFP art reveal: Initially 9GAG and the team wanted a slower reveal like potatoz but scrapped the Jolly Roger idea and want to have the art reveal soon. The artist is unknown however 9GAG has hinted that it’s one of the worlds famous anime artists.

  • Treasure Bags every Monday there will be a raffle between holders. For now the prizes are $APE from the BAYC that were bought and have been staked by memeland. Currently they’ve generated $9,588 APE (roughly $46.5k) in the future more prizes will be added. With all the other bullish takes it’s a solid add on.

  • Web2 integration: Everyone knows 9GAG is well connected in web 2. The aim of memeland is to be the connection of web3 and web2. How 9GAG plans to achieve this is mainly in the dark. However he has purchased PFP.eth for 40ETH and issued a trademark application for PFP as well as the domain pfp.com.

Bearish Case:

  • The artist or art doesn’t live up to the hype

  • $MEME gets scrapped off the roadmap.

  • I wasn’t a fan of the initial High royalty as it removed space for traders to trade. I believe if it was lower Captainz would be sitting at a much higher FP. However now it’s been reduced (hmm maybe that’s a bullish point)

Alpha Call Snapshot

additional comment from alibgnft.eth

GM GM, So guys basically, It's smashed our target overnight. So what I'll do is readjust exit to current FP and then close this trade. And create a new one at a little lower price point so that those who are low on liquidity can sell and recoupe some... Don't get me wrong Captainz is a solid long term hold also.

Thanks for trading with me ... Ahoy!


At the moment, I'm having difficulties... Creating swing calls on this.. So what I've done is I've increased our exit here. The trick would be to play with these swings.. After my last comment when it was around 5.7 about taking profit. There was a retrace to about 4.8 or so. That could've been the buy in and then ride up again and sell at another consolidation. Nonetheless holding instead of swinging for those who are less active trading is viable.
Don't forget to stake your captainz and gain mapz every 7 days. The rarerest one takes the FP of your captain much higher.


Still moving well... expect to reach 7 eth sooner rather than later... unless a back swan event occurs


GM and Happy Easter to all of you... This call is about to end and most likely I'll create a new one as I do believe strongly in memeland.
However congratulations if you followed on my call. We literally bought the absolute bottom of Captainz Congrats!
You will be up almost 3 ETH ( $5525 ) for a holding time of 20 days not bad... Not bad at all. If I'm right ATH since call is about 6.7 Eth.

BTW also pay attention to mapz in your captainz if you reveal a mythical map,, That adds an immediate 2 eth + to your floor captain.


Hi guys GM... Captain now at 7.4 ETH congratulations.


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