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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

SPECTRUM’s Analysis on
DenDekaDen Spirit Key Avatars Closed Call

View and customize your Spirit Key Avatars at https://www.dendekaden.com/garden DenDekaDen is a community-driven narrative franchise launched between Strata and Toei Animation. With Kyoto as its stage, DenDekaDen introduces a modern legend that connects Japan and the world in new ways, interweaving Japanese traditions and mythologies with the digital world of blockchain, empowered by community participation. Spirit Key Avatars are avatars (PFPs) representing believers of the 7 DenDekaDen deities. Holders may customize certain attributes and equip relics to their avatars. Customization happens onchain and requires the user to pay gas, but customizations can be made on the DenDekaDen official site at anytime and there are no limits to the amounts of times you can customize! New traits and relics may be added in the future. Bound by our shared beliefs, we, the circle of creators, curators, and believers are here to write a new chapter. Our beliefs create gods. Do you believe?
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why i’m bullish

Currently minting... so risky play
second collection of dendekaden

Alpha Call Snapshot

additional comment from alibgnft.eth

this is a volume play.... If you wont be monitoring the screen then no point... Play for only one hour go with volume.


volume coming in... Don't list just yet


Okay so I've updated to .5 FP... Not because I think It'll get .5 within this hour but because there is volume so I can't say your exit... You are in profits just dont be greedy and take profits before retraces occur


also remember this is an active mint so supply will increase


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