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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

WatamiNoodles’s Analysis on
Sappy Seals Closed Call

Sappy Seals is a decentralized movement that welcomes digital natives to be part of our community. We're creating a safe haven for leaders to grow, creators to find opportunities, and for all to be part of a growing positive force in the world. Learn more about the seals: https://sappy.lol/ Sappy Collections: [Pixl Pets](https://opensea.io/collection/pixl-pets-genesis) | [Digital Artifacts](https://opensea.io/collection/digital-artifacts-btc)
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why i’m bullish

Sappy seals has one of the strongest community in the space and is currently reaching its all time low range. It reached .5 previously and bounced off nicely and is now sitting at .65. I feel like it could dip back to the .5 range and will then bounce off once eth starts to stabilize and more people are willing to pour their liquid into projects.

Definitely a lookout and a lower risk play.

Wait for entry at around this area of .45 - .5

Currently around 4% listed and 79 listings to 0.8

Alpha Call Snapshot

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