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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

J_Dood’s Analysis on
Memeland Potatoz Closed Call

9,999 SMALL SPECIES LEADING THE WAY TO MEMELAND. A long time ago, in a memetaverse far, far away… Memeland was a deserted land unsuitable for life. Until [redacted] years ago, early lifeforms started to appear. Memeland's first residents, it turns out, were a bunch of Potatoz. Who left the Potatoz there? The Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs. Each Potatoz is your entry ticket into the great [Memeland](https://www.memeland.com/) ecosystem. They make for a great side dish, but some may feel a calling to become the main course. Rumour has it they are secretly related to the Memelist, $MEME, [MVP](https://opensea.io/collection/youtherealmvp), and more!
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min. entry
max. entry
14 Days
hold time
Moderate Risk
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Potential Profit

why i’m bullish

Potatoz retracing hard and bounced off a bottom at 1.25 last night. Expect to continue the bounce leading up to $meme and firesale.

Playing into the fud here with memeland in general with many people losing faith in $meme utility and not happy with trait customizations. I’ll gladly bet on 9gag at these levels, who has always delivered thus far and moves at his own pace.

Alpha Call Snapshot

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