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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

J_Dood’s Analysis on
Opepen Edition Closed Call

This is not a pfp project.
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Updated Call
min. entry
max. entry
16 Days
hold time
Moderate Risk
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Potential Profit

why i’m bullish


Really like how well this .4-.5 range has been holding

Jack held a “brainstorming and transparency” Twitter space earlier this week, where he was open with the twitter community about building in public and ideas he had for the project. I respect his transparency and ability to build in public and it overall was well received. There is almost 6k listens and many whales were in attendance.

Opepen AI was announced, and while details are vague at the moment I do like the direction the project is going as well as the sneak peeks from all types of ai versions of the Opepen PFP.

The Play
Formation looks strong on the 7 day chart and we have successfully consolidated at this new leg up w/ .4 as strong support.

Listings and fp volatility have both stabilized. I think we are due for a move in the coming days with the market seeing a small rebound from the March lows.
Should see scalp opps in the next 3-6 days, as well as mid term holds if looking to ride out max profits

Anything in this .44/.48 range looks like a solid entry.
You can utilize bids during these lower volume times to get the lower end entries

Link to both the twitter space and Opepen AI developments:

Alpha Call Snapshot

additional comment from alibgnft.eth

Adding 10 days to hold time (listings, chart, sentiment all looking good). Want to continue holding as I think this can move with this continued accumulation.

- by J_Dood

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