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has called this project in the past. It was a successful call

J_Dood’s Analysis on
The Grapes Closed Call

Grapes are a delightfully fun and globally appealing collection of 3,333 hand-crafted NFTs. Grapes is a cross-media, family-friendly entertainment IP that transcends Web3 with gaming, TV, products & licensing at the heart. Designed and launched by the VIKER team which is invested in by Animoca Brands. Behind Grapes is a wealth of experience with more than 500+ million downloads over their careers. Ben Cusack led Square Enix’s Mobile Studios, launching Lara Croft, Final Fantasy, Championship Manager as well as Space Invaders & many more. Dan Beasley has been integral to taking many influencers and TV brands to mobile for the first time, including Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Sony Pictures, Mr Bean, KSI & Logan Paul. Grapes are advised by some of Web3’s most recognisable industry leaders including Yat Siu & Robby Yung (Animoca Brands) XtremeTom (Cool Cats) Keith Rumjahn (Founder OliveX & Memeland advisor) & Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox) Grape things are coming!
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15 Days
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Moderate Risk
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Potential Profit

why i’m bullish

Holding up extremely well with market nuking, and bounces off this range each time.

Two new additional games going live to bring in additional revenue streams (including the Roblox release)

$grape appears to be approaching and community is highly incentivised and rewarded for holding with the airdrop claim and recurring $grape buy backs in the future

One of the best web3 models that benefits from web2 revenue

9/5 UPDATE: extending hold time as things are looking like they may breakout soon with listings dropping an floor increasing, especially as we get closer to launch

Alpha Call Snapshot

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